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ArmorStruxx has many products and services that can be customized to accommodate your cost, weight, and performance requirements; all within an extremely responsive time frame.  We provide our customers with access to a team of product development specialists who have over 100 years combined experience in the armoring and composite industry.  We guarantee a custom solution that will exceed your expectations.

  • Panel Consolidation with the largest concentration of 87,000 psi water-jet machines in North America
  • Ability to consolidate a wide range of ballistic materials over a pressure range of 10 - 3,000 psi and under heat ranges extending to 425 degrees
  • 3,000 psi over 4' X 6' area (10) Opening Press
  • 2,200 psi over 4' X 10' area (10) Opening Press
  • 300 over 5' X 10' area (20) Opening Press
  • Custom lay-up / consolidation of customer provided raw materials (toll pressing) in excess of 15,000 5' X 10' panels /month
  • Molding potential up to 16" depth
  • Presses operate under Heat-up/Cool Down "under prescribed" approach to ensure consistency and quality in every finished product

  • Several options exist for transforming laminated armor panels into finished parts. Armor panels made from aramid, UHMWPE, or Thick S-Glass or E-Glass are machined utilizing water-jet technology.

    • (10) 6' X 12' CNC Water-jet Cutting Stations
    • Paint Booth ( CARC Compliant)
    • Ceramic / Metallic / Non-Metallic Strike-face Integration
    • Application of Environmental Fire-Resistant / Abrasive-Resistant Coatings
    • Wide Range of Aerospace Adhesives
    • Automated Metallic / Composites Pod Press

    Fire Resistant Coating from ArmorStruxx permits application of some of the more flammable and toxic materials to vehicles without increasing occupant exposure to potential injury. Abrasion Resistance Solutions from ArmorStruxx enhance the durability of both interior and exterior surfaces in the most-rugged, harsh environment.

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