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ArmorStruxx has many products and services that can be customized to accommodate your cost, weight, and performance requirements all within your requested time frame. We provide our customers with access to a team of product development specialists who have over 100 years combined experience in the armoring and composite industry.

The wide range of materials used at ArmorStruxx allows our application engineers to provide recommendations for both singular material possibilities as well as various combinations of composites, weights and structures. The end result is a composite solution that will exceed your expectations.
  • Modular Panel System
  • Toll Pressing
  • Spall Liners
  • Fire-Resistant/Abrasion-Resistant Coating
  • Ceramic Strike-face Integration
  • Custom Designed Precision Panel Fabrication and Molding
  • Comprehensive Program Management
  • Composite Materials Integration

ArmorStruxx has the resources and capacity to meet the needs of any military armoring program. We can provide a basic spall liner up to the most complex of custom composite solutions.

Composites with the light-weight and stringent characteristics necessary for military or commercial aircraft are available as standard material at ArmorStruxx, including blast-resistant cargo containers for aircraft.

Municipalities & Building Construction
A wide variety of applications are available to support local law enforcement.

  • Building upgrades for structural ballistic and blast protection
    • Power generation facilities
    • Chemical/critical industrial infrastructure
  • Mobile command /security posts
  • Hurricane safe rooms that resist wind-driven projectiles
  • New-construction projects requiring greater strength / ballistic integrity
  • Protection of high visibility leaders
    • Judges, politicians or celebrities
  • Key Command & Control Facilities

Commercial Vehicles
ArmorStruxx can provide several material types for all levels of commercial vehicle protection. We can provide full sheet panels or cut customized parts to our customers requested specifications.


In addition to proprietary materials developed for our customers, ArmorStruxx routinely works with a wide range of base materials:
  • Aramids:
    (Kevlar, Twaron, Polystrand)
  • High Performance Fiberglass
    (HJ-1, ShieldStrand, E-Glass)
    (Dyneema, SpectraShield, Tensylon)
  • Uni-Cross Ply & Woven
  • Ceramics
  • Hybrids

Developing and manufacturing proprietary composite materials is only a part of what ArmorStruxx offers. We provide custom designed precision panel fabrication and molding. We also guarantee specified temperatures and pressure requirements are adhered to, with the end products delivered as full-sized panels or finished parts.

Several options exist for transforming laminated armor panels into finished parts. Armor panels made from aramid, UHMWPE, or Thick S-Glass or E-Glass are machined utilizing water-jet technology.

  • (10) 6' X 12' CNC Water-jet
    Cutting Stations
  • Paint Booth ( CARC Compliant)
  • Ceramic / Metallic / Non-Metallic Strikeface Integration
  • Application of Environmental Fire-Resistant / Abrasive-Resistant Coatings
  • Wide Range of Areospace Adhesives
  • Automated Metallic / Composites Pod Press


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